November 7th, 2005

Reginalds just think about it

... is the title for a spam that has just arrived (from Remai Beverage To Ayman Mun, it says). That should be a line from a song.

Remai Beverage in his lab, correlates then makes a stab
Sends a mail to Ayman Mun, says 'My work here's nearly done'
I have got the numbers right, snooped through windows late at night
Listened to the bedsprings creak, I am pervert, scholar, geek

Round the streets of Oxford flit, scientist not sad old git
Used the spreadsheet on my Palm, crunched it on my server farm
Kinsey missed a trick or two, certain names mean certain screw
Here's the answers more or less, here in shags.xls

Some names do it every day, some names beg and some names pay
Some names do it when allowed, in the toilet, in a crowd
Five times daily, that's the best, fits in with the Chi Squared test
But one rule is holy writ, Reggies just think about it