October 10th, 2005


Get yer biodiesel here. They have emailed me to say that the 410 litres I pre-ordered is ready. Well, as I ordered 2 205 litre containers I am assuming they will let me have the second after we have finished the first, I vaguely remember checking this with them before I ordered it.

Those technotrousers are mine

Well, obviously we don't know if the technotrousers themselves have gone up in flame with the other Aardman Animation stuff in Bristol, but I was suddenly brought up short thinking that they might have been as I was singing 'those technotrousers are mine, I'm the one with the secret squirrel' to myself.
This is, of course, to the tune of Zazu by Rosie Vela (those techno-data are mine, I'm the one with the secret code - I prefer my version).
Sometimes I add 'he's called Cyril' onto the end.

This was the first CD I bought, about 18 years ago I guess. I am pretty sure that this is the cyberpunk rock we were supposed to be listening to in our flying cars.

Well, no flying cars. Just a biodiesel powered Skoda (or it will be when I get it delivered). But she did bring Steely Dan back together.