September 6th, 2005

More E, vicar?

The news on 6 Music says that Ecstasy is available for as little as 50p a tablet these days - this comes from Drugscope (see ). As I got my coffee from the machine this morning for 50p, the thought passed my mind that maybe the machine should dispense E along with its fairtrade coffee. It might make the meetings somewhat different, but there are some people I don't particularly want to be hugged by.

The following is worded slightly unfortunately, from that website: "The full version of this article appears in the September / October edition of Druglink, DrugScope's bi-monthly magazine. As Britain's only magazine dedicated to drug policy and practice, it is essential reading for anyone with a professional or occupational interest in drug problems, and responses to them." Is that a professional interest in causing them?

I guess this is kind of like Glass's Guide for illegal drugs - will people be brandishing it saying 'look, it says here that I should only be paying x'?