August 8th, 2005

It is no coincidence that her name sounds like someone sticking a finger down their own throat...

'New title' idea for minorities

Ms Blears is holding a series of meetings with Muslim groups
Ethnic minority groups could be given new descriptions in an effort to strengthen their identity in the UK.
The government is looking at whether communities would welcome having US-style hyphenated terms such as Asian-British or Indian-British.

It is among a "range of ideas" being discussed at meetings with Muslim groups around the country, Home Office Minister Hazel Blears told the BBC.

Questions you don't think of asking, part 94

... to an Indian takeaway, on phoning them up to place an order that you are going to collect: 'Have you perchance taken over the phone number of the take-away that used to be on the number 555810 so when I come to collect the take-away I will find the industrial unit boarded up, and have to ask the restaurant on the corner if they have taken over the number, then when they say no get directions from them to the other side of town?'.

The theory, presumably, is that if you are having the take-away delivered you will be none the wiser.

Fortunately, Abingdon is not a big town.