August 6th, 2005

Not very good DAB portable radio free to good home

My friends, you get the first dibs on this before it goes on freecycle. It is a Perstel DR101 DAB digital radio (Google for it).

It is functional (although I can't find the mains adaptor), but to my mind has the following flaws:
1. Only has earphone socket - no line-out
2. Seems to drain batteries a bit even when turned off
3. Fundamentally the DAB signal, certainly round here, is too iffy to walk around with, particularly given the device's charming habit of resetting itself to station 1 on the multiplex (i.e. Radio 1 for the BBC one) if it loses the signal for a couple of seconds if you move round.

If you are in the vicinity of Oxford then we could arrange a drop-off, otherwise I will shove it in a padded envelope and cross my fingers.

Probably goes to the first person (if any) who expresses interest but I reserve the right to be perverse.