July 12th, 2005

BBC News

I got the powerful feeling whilst watching Newsnight that they are making it up more than usual. By contrast, although the ITV News Channel is usually pretty crap, it has been quite sensible today. It has a far smaller budget than Sky News or News 24 and boy does it show, but today it had a quiet dignity and restraint that the BBC news hasn't.

Then again, the BBC news has been unusually out to lunch in the last couple of days viz:
1. 'T in the Park' described as being in London (in 6 Music's music news)
2. Reports saying that Prince Albert would become King Albert. No, you jerks, it is a principality. The clue is in the first syllable. (They stopped saying this after I texted them which may or may not have been a coincidence)
3. People who do not know the difference between the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice - they referred to the ECJ as the European Court of Human Justice. As you may have noticed I am very smug / sad and like to drop the Treaty of London and the Council of Europe into conversations, but surely this must be on any news outfit's top ten list of 'things that you probably don't know that you need to know to avoid looking an idiot'.

Also, 6 Music are having an annoying Radio 1 stylee bolt on social conscience thing - see http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/events/lustforlife/ - I mean, WTF ????
Again the clue is in the title - 6 Music - why do 6 Music listeners get singled out for this bollocks? They wouldn't patronise the listeners of Radio 3 in this manner. Tossers. (The comment about Radio 3 is courtesy of t__m__i)

... And I am not even sure, judging from the obvious demographic that ring in and enter the competitions, that 6 Music listeners are likely to be prone to having problems with their work-life balance anyway. My wild stab in the dark based on the stereotypes of the average male IT person - who make up at least 50% of the callers in - would be that exercise, healthy diet and personal hygine would probably be the key issues if they really were bent on having any.

... also they probably don't go to bed early enough :-)