July 1st, 2005

Think 'I married a witch' meets 'Will and Grace'

Well, from what little I can deduce from some not very helpful websites it appears that Alyson Hannigan's new sitcom 'How I met your mother' is going to be pretty lame.

Watching some old Buffy's and Angel's I was struck by how good Andy Hallett was as Lorne. I really think that the way to go would have been a sitcom with Alyson and Andy. As I have probably said before, they just didn't explore the comic possibilities of the whole jewish lesbian witch thing. Obviously Willow and Lorne should be flat-mates.
I think that San Francisco would be a good location for it, with Lorne as the chief barman at a club loosely based on the DNA lounge owned by a curmudgeonly software millionaire loosely based on jwz. With the occasional guest demon, obviously.
I don't see why there shouldn't have been a comedy spin-off from Buffy / Angel - after all the tone of the two was slightly different, and they took the opportunity for Cordelia to suddenly age ten years to Charisma's real age.
Anyway, another missed opportunity.

Now, I haven't seen that before...

Someone in our sister company has an application which they maintain, the main developer having left to be a computer science professor in China. He had a problem which, as far as I can see was due to a dialog having so many items on it that that Visual Studio 6 dialog editor wouldn't allow any more to be added. Certainly, I don't think that I have ever seen a dialog with more individual widgets on it, and I have seen some complex dialogs in my time, but I have never come across a limit before. The editor is obviously very insistent about this, you can't add objects and if you copy one you can't paste it. Fortunately, however, if you add some more widgets in the text editor you can then move them around in the graphical editor, so we live to fight another day.