June 7th, 2005

What's On in Jan Mayen

Those who know me in real life or have followed my LJ may have gathered that I am lumbered with some of the international aspects of our software, and when it comes to Windows international behaviour I have a level of expertise best described as 'more than any reasonable person would want to know in a million years but not actually enough to get an exciting jet-setting job that I wouldn't want anyway'. Anyway, whilst fiddling with my favourite Control Panel I discovered that Jan Mayen is one of the options in the Location tab on XP, described as being 'Location - To help services provide you with local information, such as news and weather, select your present location:'
Now it has to be said that, since Jan Mayen, as described on its website, is "a volcanic island of Norwegian dominion, located in the north Atlantic ocean, 950km west of Norway and 600 km north of Iceland. Current crew is of a total of 18, running the Loran-C navigation station, the meteorological station and maintaining the infrastructure - buildings, roads, airstrip, power station and so on. The view of the island is dominated of the active volcano, Beerenberg (2277m), which had its last eruption in 1985" I feel they are unlikely to get much in the way of news and weather from some Microsoft website. What with being a meteorological station I don't think they are going to need a forecast from MSN, and the website contains the important information on the home page - when the next boats arrive.
And as for what they get up to for fun, see here. Perhaps we can only be grateful that 'ice bathing' is the only hobby that doesn't have a page of its own. Perhaps it is nude Norwegian meteorologist ice bathing!

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia

Somehow I expected more people to care about the Apple Intel thing. No one on my friends list or my usual list of stalkees on assorted blogs has mentioned it (I am excluding 'pundits' in this category, I am thinking of real people - the Winers and Scobles of this world have commented, of course).