June 1st, 2005


... I am in a much better mood today, due to the tragic character flaw of being unable to sustain a bad mood for very long. This means I will never achieve greatness because progress comes from unreasonable people and I am not unreasonable enough.

Questions, questions

1. What are good sites to look for technical computer jobs on these days?

2. Assuming it was not Too Late To Save Myself, what do the team see as being the Next Big Thing that one should learn about to be employable? Or even the next but one big thing?

3. Can anyone suggest a good place to register domains (probably one .co.uk and one .com). I would probably just want to park them to start with if not forever i.e. have the mail and webspace redirected to my Demon account. Important is them being vaguely competent and not a rip-off i.e. not charge more for renewal than they do initially?

I have thought of a wonderful if rather nihilistic name for a company / domain (but unfortunately this margin is too narrow to contain it :-)).