April 24th, 2005

Meanwhile, in deep dish

in the upper 600s (between the home shopping channels and the dating channels), there are a number of crap Christian channels. [The Islam ones seem to be in with the foreign language ones in the 800s even if they are mostly in English, but I digress.] Anyway, on 673 there is something called Wonderful, the exact point of this is not clear to me, it seems to show random, and probably cheap, shows with rather lame commercials for God that haven't even had the phone numbers changed to UK ones between them.
Anyway, the surprise to me is that it shows 'Newshour with Jim Lehrer' 3 times a day. It has a Voice Of America logo in the bottom right hand corner as well as the Wonderful one in the top left, so I guess the US government pays for its broadcast round the world to show people that the US isn't all George Bush but has tedious long-winded liberal news programmes too.