March 19th, 2005

Oxford Graffiti Update

Following on from the previous post, my investigations have revealed the following:

  • Dinosaurs 1 and 2 are well. Dinosaur 1 has had his head touched up, I suspect, where it is on what may possibly be a new bit of wall. Well, I say new, I suspect it was done at the time of the new Keble red brick block which could well be about 10 years old now.
  • There is, however, no sign of Dinosaur 3, which was green and pretty crap anyway. Nor of 'pass the dust I think I'm Bowie'. This is apparently the name of an album by 'Black Randy'. Now there was something I didn't know...
  • The Vietnam one says 'hands off Vietnam' and is on the wall of Keble on Parks Road. Near to it is 'life is not a paragraph', which I don't think of as being a classic Oxford graffito, as the others have all been there as long as I can remember, whereas I am pretty sure this has been there a while, but not (ahem) 22 or so years. It is an e. e. cummings quotation apparently.
  • 'CSU now' is pretty faint, but can be made out on the wall of Exeter College to the left of the Blackwells art and poster shop on Broad Street.

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