March 8th, 2005

Don't fear the reaper (or 'our Diana part 94')

So. Tommy Vance. Not been a good year (in the 'last 12 months' not 'calendar' sense) for DJs - Peel, Dunn and now Vance.
Ironically, I dimly recall that on one of the many occasions that the BBC cut down Peel's air-time, Vance was the beneficiary. I am thinking this was probably 1985ish. He had a show called 'Into The Music' which played AOR (Adult / Album Oriented Rock), which fitted in quite well with my suspect musical tastes at the time (they have slightly mutated if not necessarily improved since). I remember the first show playing Steely Dan and The Alan Parsons Project who were among my favourite bands, if you can call TAPP a 'band', at the time. I think I may have some cassettes of one or more of the shows somewhere.

'There were giants in that age'. I Can't think of any DJs of a newer vintage whose demise I would care about very much apart from Phill Jupitus and Phil Wilding except on the 'every death diminishes us 'cos it's, like, a real bummer, man' principle. Maybe Clare McDonnell (sp?) as she is geeky, unglamourous and slightly depressive in quite an endearing way :-)

Jonnie Sock-seed

I transported a hitch-hiker from Berinsfield to the outskirts of Oxford. He had a Tesco's bag with him, and appears to have deposited two pairs of grey socks in my car from his bag. Perhaps it was an accident, or perhaps he is the legendary Jonnie Sock-seed who travels the A roads of Oxfordshire spreading socks in his wake.