February 27th, 2005

Third Party

I have a question for the team. I dimly remember someone, a few years ago, talking about Howard Waldrop working on a massive novel about a family who had for generations supported the 3rd party candidates in the US elections - I think the concept was that one of the family would always be supporting whoever came third. I can find no mention of this book. So the question is
a) did I dream it?
b) was it a genuine rumour but the book just wasn't written?
c) have I got it wrong about it being Waldrop?
d) rather than being a real novel was it a concept e.g. 'hey, wouldn't it be cool if Howard Waldrop wrote a novel where...'?

I am inclined to think that I have conflated a number of bizarre things as I remember the suggestion that the novel was going to be called 'Trout Fishing in America' which, of course, is a Richard Brautigan novel.

Bizarre lying newspaper piece

There is a 'I couldn't live without...' section in the Indy today. One of the bits is:

Digital Radio
Ross Morrison
British Paralympics rugby champion
Since the Paralympics, I've signed for the Sarasota Lightning rugby club in Florida. It means being away from England for six months in a year. I wouldn't be able to survive without my digital radio. I bought it at the airport on a last-minute impulse and it's one of my best-ever buys. It has become my link to home. The World Service makes me feel like I'm still in contact.

By this, there is a picture of a Pure DAB radio.

Now, this is obviously nonsense, since a DAB radio wouldn't work in Florida. Therefore
a) charitably, he bought a shortwave radio with a digital display (this is why DAB radios are branded as DAB), or just conceivably an American satellite radio.
b) most likely, it is just completely made up

Ho hum.