February 17th, 2005

Meanwhile in Freedom Zone C...

Sometimes you see something as for the first time... Whilst taking the dogs round the block at lunchtime I noticed that the bus stop on Oxford Road has a little sticker on it saying 'Freedom Zone C'.
Which is somehow creepy, rather in the manner of Big Brother being a TV series, making me think of:

  • The bit in a Firesign Theater thing where some guy is watching TV, then there is a commercial for pizza delivery, you can tell from the noises he is making that he is going to order one until a different voice at the end says 'offer not good in sectors I or J after curfew. (Parenthetically I have always thought that Firesign Theater is/are way way overrated, much as I spurn most BBC radio comedy as I would a rabid weasel, there are plenty of things that are barely remembered as good as the Firesign Theater output - the Burkiss Way springs particularly to mind - I guess it is because audio comedy is so rare in the states that FT is so famous)

  • A zone for internal exile. Trouble makers are exiled to Oxford and its surroundings, not under house arrest providing they do not leave Freedom Zone C

  • An updated 'Airstrip 1' e.g. under Bush's benign leadership - the US is Freedom Zone C, Iraq is Freedom Zone B and the UK is Freedom Zone C

And now back to the studio. This is Celestial Weasel, News At Ten, Freedom Zone C

Bash their baggonets

Returning to GK Chesterton again, something that popped into my mind earlier - some pointless whimsy conceived as a scene in my bizarre unfilmable film:
The characters are watching TV when, just before the hour, in the manner of TV in Thailand which stops to play the national anthem at 6 pm every day, the show is interrupted and Neil Innes (or someone who can stand in for Neil Innes appears in a dinner suit standing by the town sign saying Rye and with rather exaggerated gestures begins to sing - the focus moves in i.e. the TV becomes the whole cinema screen
Collapse )
... with suitable and/or random footage of him singing it in bits of the UK followed by various people (Morris dancers, the inevitable and clichéd punks with mohicans etc.) ending in fireworks in the shape of the cross of St. George.
Well, I think it would make a perfect national anthem anyway.

Another scene in the film consists of Alan Rickman in leather jacket and tight blue jeans walking into a gay disco and then strutting his stuff on the dance floor to the tune of the song co-written by Tom Robinson and Elton John that was so cheesy that the TRB insisted it was released as Tom Robinson not TRB, and ultimately lead to the break-up of the band.
And you can kind of see why...
Incidentally, I found at least one website (with more popups where all the 'he's are changed to 'she's!

I have yet to link these two scenes, obviously, but it will come

Must lie down in darkened room.... need holiday....