February 4th, 2005

Inane post, move along, nothing to see

After a few inane comments to other posts today, an inane post in its own right.

Can I just say that Madonna's content free version of American Pie with most of the interesting lyrics removed, and the video of Madge looking, as usual, much too pleased with herself, is probably the most annoying thing on The Vault's playlist?
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Sock hop - duh

Oh I am so dumb. From a website 'explaining' the Day The Music Died lyrics.

"You both kicked off your shoes

A reference to the beloved "sock hop".(Leather-soled street shoes tear up wooden basketball floors, and rubber-soled sneakers grip too much for dance moves, so dancers had to take off their shoes.)"

It never occurred to me that this is the meaning and origin of 'sock hop'.
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