December 21st, 2004

Cloris Leachman, woman of the century despite the strange name.

Have a look at this bio on IMDB. A career spanning fifty years, with TV series from The Ford Theater Hour in 1948 to Malcolm in the Middle in 2004, and films from 1947 to one due for release in 2005. No explanation of why she is called Cloris, however.

I don't remember her spin-off from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, wittily called 'Phyllis', at all. Maybe it wasn't shown here.

So, apparently, her spin off was set in San Francisco, Ed Asner's was in Los Angeles and Valerie Harper's was, of course, in New York (*). A whole constellation of spin-offs, all named after their characters.
No doubt they were all filmed in the same studios in LA. Indeed, there was some controversy about the statue of Mary Tyler Moore on this basis, i.e. really only the credits were filmed in Minneapolis and it didn't really make much reference to where the TV station was based (though more significant I think is that the statue is crap and looks nothing like her).

In other news, one of my very rare 'wot I did today' entries...

Most significantly, I had a large filling come out whilst eating a Rocky Road ice cream (chocolate with nuts and marshmallow pieces). Since I am not in pain I can't get an appointment until January 26th. I suppose I should Google to establish if having a large chunk of tooth missing for over a month will do the tooth any harm, and if so pay someone to do it privately sooner.

This was whilst waiting for my nephew at Heathrow, coming in from San Francisco on Virgin - he is doing a year of his degree at San Francisco State - a terrible come-down from Norwich (he is at UEA), but he seems to be coping! Certainly a lot of geeky looking people coming off the flight, not surprising since programmers seem to like Virgin Atlantic. Almost enough to make this flight a contender for the 'nerd bird' title. Back in the day, this name used to be used for a flight or flights between SFO and Boston, back when Mass. had a computer industry (DEC, Prime, Thinking Machines, Symbolics etc. - all dead or eaten now!). Now the name seems to be mainly used for flights between SFO / San Jose and Seattle.

Then I drove him up to beautiful Leicester, deposited him with his ma and sister, and then came back, buying lots of Indian sweets for my colleagues in the process. I was also fooled by the bizarre road signs again, I should have realised they were lying and turned round, but I thought 'this route can't possibly be THAT bad'. But it was. There was obviously a lying road-sign that I hadn't fallen for before since I don't remember having that particular tour of the Leicester suburbs. Hey ho.

Leicester reminds me a lot of London in 'feel' and architecture, somehow I feel that it belongs on the Central Line just to the east of Mile End. I can almost imagine the Central Line stations there, just out of reach in a parallel dimension.