November 29th, 2004

John Dunn (DJ not actor) dead

Not going to bring out the waves of tributes like John Peel, but I personally am rather sad. I used to listen to his tea-time show on Radio 2 when off school sick, which happened a lot in the days before decent asthma etc. medicine.

I am sad that the obit didn't mention '4th Dimension', the childrens' magazine program he presented on Radio 4 at 4 p.m. on Saturday for a couple of years. Oh it was so so middle class, kind of like the Puffin Club of the air :-), but then so was/am I, no use denying it. It is one of a handful radio shows I remember really fondly over the years, I don't think there are any TV shows that come close to any of them.

Somewhere I have the one and only '4th Dimension' annual, with Rex Radio and his faithful companion Passionflower the cat on the front, and a Jennings story, and a recipe for peppermint creams that I made.
I suspect I am the only person in the world that remembers 4th Dimension. I even remember the theme music.

I am beginning to feel quite sad now. At least he lasted to a more respectable age, ten years older than Peelie.