October 30th, 2004

Oldthinkers Unbellyfeel Ingsoc (again)

.. and not me this time.

I find it increasingly weird that the BBC and friends report Al Jazeera as though it is a strange, exotic thing, rather than something quite a lot of their viewers can just switch to channel 819 and have a look at (OK, you won't understand it, unless you speak Arabic but that's not really the point and certainly not 100% necessary, particularly as they have a website in English too). Particularly weird on News 24 / Sky News / ITV 'news' 'channel' where probably over 50% of their viewers will be watching on DSAT and therefore able to pop over and have a look.

On the other hand I have obviously not fully grasped modern paradigms, since I still find it slightly weird that one of the things on the front page of the sign up of Flikr lets one choose ones attachedness from the choice of single / taken / open / would rather not say. I didn't realise that this particular axis was so 'mainstream' as to be worth putting on the first sign-up page, but obviously I live a sheltered provincial life (albeit with the Osama Show in Arabic for company). But it adds to the gaiety of nations I suppose...