October 28th, 2004

King of the Hill territory

The local church is having an 'alternative to halloween' party for children. Whilst on their website they make a point of it being an alternative to halloween (satanism, communicating with the dead, thou shalt not suffer a witch to live and all that stuff) the posters they had round the estate / area / community / whatever you want to call it didn't make any mention of this, as though it were just a wild coincidence that it happened to be a 'light' party on 31st October.
It was only when I thought of the episode of King Of The Hill that I made the connection!


Having made a brief appearance on the EuroNews weather, Tbilisi has gone, along with Vladivostok. The weather map is now rendered in 3D, the text of the city names flickering disturbingly. I am not convinced by the new music either but expect I will get used to it.
On the bright side, Reykjavik has appeared, though saying this every half hour is not as pleasing as saying Tbilisi.
Strange that Tbilisi should come and go so quickly...

yes, I am a sad person :-)