October 16th, 2004

Douglas Coupland

t__m__i has done a good job of covering our trip to see Douglas Coupland in Stratford (Avon not East London or Ontario), including the bad chips and the geek spotting.
The chips were the second worst I have had this year, the worst were in Leicester and very memorable, the oil they were cooked in had a very nasty after-taste. I still ate them though.
I find that for some reason when geek spotting that straight geek couples are the easiest configuration to spot - as with all neural nets, however, my brain is not willing to give up its secret. There was a time in the 90s when there was a definite trend that the female geek would have shorter hair than the male (not shared by me and t__m__i, although I did have long hair and a ponytail until about 1996), but this seems less common now.
Once in the theatre I suspect that the geeks were the half of the audience who got his jokes.
I was interested that DC raised the question of whether modernism is forever or a one-time self terminating deal, obviously a zeitgeist thing as I have been wondering the same thing recently. I lean slightly to the latter, in particular the 'the only way you develop an advanced industrial society is by using sufficient fossil carbon reserves to guarantee that the planet gets a strong enough positive feedback system to raise the temperate to Venus like levels waving goodbye to all multi-cellular organisms' theory myself. This explains why we haven't heard from any other species. Frying tonight!, as Kenneth Williams said in Carry On Screaming. Maybe this says more about my general mood, however, than a reasoned assessment of the complex and contradictory evidence :-)


... seems to have made little difference to Al Jazzera, though there was something prior to the 2.a.m. news looking suspiciously like a spot of bolt-on religion on the lines of the stuff you get on the BBC around Easter.