October 14th, 2004


The weather map on EuroNews has been updated so that instead of just one inset, for Vladivostok, there are now two - one for Tbilisi, which gives me an opportunity to shout 'Tbilisi!' every time I see it. I imagine I will tire of this in a week or two.
It is a far cry from when I was little, where the Shetlands were in an inset on the BBC weather map in the bulletin after the news.


You have probably all heard my gripe by now that any bunch of random tossers with a plausible title and some headed notepaper can get press coverage for any bizarre rubbish. Today seems to be the turn of the World Economic Forum, whose report saying that the nordic countries are the 'most competitive' seems to be getting lots of coverage in the press, not just in the UK if the EuroNews press review is to be believed.

Their website says "The World Economic Forum is the foremost global community of business, political, intellectual and other leaders of society committed to improving the state of the world. The Forum is an independent international organization incorporated as a Swiss not-for-profit foundation and has NGO consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations", which sounds like a giant circle jerk to me, frankly, and fails to explain why some random weighted spreadsheet of random factors should be taken seriously.