October 2nd, 2004

Time is out of joint

I know that the prospect will fill some people with horror for me to even mention the world, but for some reason it feels like it should be Christmas very soon. I think this possibly stems from the 3 days I had off work sick with a nasty chest infection / asthma, it is a long time since I have been off sick for that long and it was long enough to enter the staying in bed / fugue daytime TV and DVD watching state that I associate somehow with Christmas. Also, I think my afternoon wandering round London and then going out to dinner with some friends may have seemed rather like a pre-Christmas 'do' due the the astonishingly high turn-out of people, everyone except the person who had the 'virtual assistant' tell me she wasn't around (actually she was in Hawaii), and two people who tend to drop out at the last minute anyway.

Overlaying this there is a slight feeling of 'it is the beginning of the academic year therefore I should be doing something new and exciting' which I have never shaken, despite the fact that it is a long time since I have started any courses. Somehow evening classes never really appeal. Perhaps I should find a screen-writing one and work on my script for 'Girl With A Perl Earring' (tag-line 'no, not that kind of CGI movie') (*)

Anyhow, somehow I need to reset my clock to the beginning of October.

(*) the tag-line needs working on, for a start.