September 6th, 2004

Well, I am slightly staggered...

The TV version of 'Quite Ugly One Morning' by Christopher Brookmyre on ITV last night was predictably bad. What I wasn't expecting was for them to make the police-woman straight and make her the love interest instead of the anesthetist.

I can see that the plot of the novel might be problematic for reasons that will be obvious to everyone who has read it and a spoiler to everyone who hasn't, but that would seem to be an argument for filming a different one or not bothering.

I can see that most of his novels would be quite expensive to film as they would need a special effects budget, but The Sacred Art of Stealing would be relatively cheap to do, though probably the location shooting in Paris would blow the 3 1/2 p that ITV spend per hour of drama.

Is a gay police-woman really considered too much for the ITV Sunday evening audience?