August 28th, 2004


"We found no matches for "jpod" . Below are results for "spot" . If you prefer, you may try another search."

Motivation :- the Douglas Coupland website in its list of books has 'jPod' (in the list of fiction) for December 2005. Sometimes you can find interesting things out by typing names of unpublished books into Amazon so I did, and got the above strange response.

Today I have bought, but not yet read, the new Coupland novel, Eleanor Rigby, which Borders has in stock - Dougy Babe's website has it down for release in September which it isn't quite yet, the UK release being the first this time. I shall have to make the decision whether to temporarily abandon 'In the Wet' by Nevil Shute which arrived this morning by post. Another book arrived yesterday but was too big to fit through the letter box and I didn't get up early enough to go to the post office, this will either be 'Slide Rule' by Nevil Shute or the new Scarlett Thomas.

'In the Wet' is astonishingly racist, in the way of the casual racism of people of that era in England. Whether this reflects Shute's attitudes or it is a depiction of how he found other people's attitudes I have no idea. Perhaps 'Slide Rule', his autobiography, will shed some light on this.
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