August 9th, 2004

Gaudy Night. Over The Bridge. And Quiet Flows The Don (a well known trilogy)

There is a college Gaudy in September. I have now been asked by two people if I am going - one who was there much after me in the flesh, and one by email - the only person I knew at the time that I am in contact with apart from two OUSFG people (one of whom is an LJ person but shall remain nameless to protect their anonymity).

I was surprised by the vehemence of my 'no - if you're around at the weekend we could meet up but I have no desire to see the assembled multitudes' reply. I don't think I have any unresolved 'issues' relating to the college, but maybe I do. Most of my friends were in other colleges but I got on well enough with people on the whole. I shall have to look deep within my soul and see what I can dredge up :-)

Actually I am not sure I have any unresolved issues about anything, particularly...

Certainly, if they are after money I am hard pressed to think of many less deserving causes than Oxford colleges and Oxford University, but that's another (not very interesting) story.