August 4th, 2004

TV too cheap to meter

Preliminary reports on some of my slightly bizarre DVD purchases:

Mary Tyler Moore, 1st series - based on having seen 2/3 of the first episode my thoughts so far are
1) Valerie Harper (Rhoda) was very cute when she was that age
2) Valerie Harper and Ed Asner (Lou Grant) are both better actors and characters than Mary Tyler Moore / Mary Richards
3) Mary Tyler Moore has an implausible number of teeth, or so it seems.
4) The series has aged pretty well but it does lean slightly to being of historical interest rather than actually being good - but no worse than many current series that I don't think much of (e.g. Friends, Frasier)
Reason for having only watched 2/3 of an episode - Mary Tyler Moore is slightly annoying

Freaks and Geeks - based on having watched 1 and a bit episode so far
1) Linda Cardellini, who was 23ish when it was aired does not look like a High School Student, and as a decent number of the cast look like they are around realistic ages for the characters they are playing this rather stands out
2) She also leans towards the Eliza Dushku 'I am woman see me pout endlessly' school of acting (though not as bad as Eliza Dushku, though how could you be worse, really)
3) Paul Feig - the creator / writer / producer / director needs to get over himself big time. Judging from things he writes about his shows on his website and in the sleeve notes - and I have yet to listen to any commentaries - he thinks he is the new Shakespeare.
4) In this country, rather than being a prime-time series this would be a BBC children's TV series and probably be able to handle at 5.20 p.m. the issues that were so controversial in an evening spot on U.S. TV e.g. pot smoking. Then again, what is it with U.S. TV showing series about and starring teenagers or people pretending to be teenagers in prime time? Ironically, the only show I can think of with a teenager as a main character shown in primetime here (apart from the children of families in sitcoms and soaps) was Queer As Folk!