July 24th, 2004

Etiquette question

Should you send an email to a famous-ish person (the people I am talking about are ones that I guess many of you would have heard of), when you get a reply should one send a gushing reply saying
"I have been an admirer of your writing / music / programming language for a long time, and only yesterday was reading your column on xxx.org / listening to a couple of your albums on a long car journey / using it to write some complex sewer related software"
or not?
Thus far I have restricted myself to thanking them for the information and/or getting back to me as appropriate.

Second question of the day

What I am going to do with the rest of a 1 litre container of Bhelpuri Panipuri Pani that I bought and opened yesterday and which says 'consume within 5 days of opening'? The concept is that you have small puri and then put a small hole in them and then pour the pani into them, but I think there is enough pani to fill enough puri to feed a small army.

Obviously it needs to go in the fridge otherwise it could ferment and become rather interesting.

I suppose I could buy some more puri and take them and it to work, since we are going back to Leicester where I bought it tomorrow. It took great effort to get to the shop since there is a little known law that every year one British city must be moved 3 feet to the left or to the right, and this year it is Leicester's turn, which means there are an insane number of roadworks going on simultaneously. A less deranged person than I would have given up and come home and got a take-away here, but I reached the state of mind where I was damn well going to find somewhere to park and go to the shops I intended to go to come hell or high water.

I suspect that this has also solved another mystery which is why do things you make with tamarind never taste the same as stuff in restaurants, I think the answer is that the sauces in restaurants have a mixture of tamarind and dates as their base, and that tamarind on its own has a rather flat flavour.