July 6th, 2004

So drink your dinner tonight

Having grabbed a couple of CDs to listen to in the car on the way somewhere, I find that I like 'North By Northwest' by Tom Robinson much more than I did when I bought it. At the time I found it raw, unpolished and bassy compared to some of his other albums, but my indie sensibilities have been honed over the years :-)
I was pleased to find it had the song with the lyric 'happy christmas, war has started' on it, a fine and more realistic rebuff to 'happy christmas, was is over'. There was one line I couldn't get however, I thought it might be 'so drink your tear-drops tonight' or 'so drink your tears up tonight', neither of which really made sense.
So now I have looked it up and it is 'so drink your dinner tonight'.


Yes, that is the time. I have indigestion and the PC is turned on, so I am typing this. How sad it that? I blame the pub lunch more than the dinner in the vegetarian indian restaurant. Ho hum.