July 4th, 2004


Having done an 'LJ meme' entry this week, and having recently told you all that I thought that my youthful playing of RPGs was largely a waste of time and that I wished I had practiced musical instruments a bit more, which is as close to a confessional as you are going to get from me, not that I have anything exciting to confess, I present a 'wot I did yesterday' LJ entry. I will then return to the regularly scheduled inconsequential wibbling...

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... Then we went to see Japanese Story as the Phoenix, for which we emerge from the cut, in order that I can warn you that it was awful, definitely up there in the 'awful films I have paid money to see' pantheon. Without going into spoilage details that would require a cut, the portrayal of the Japanese guy and the Japanese in particular was stereotyped and clichéd to a much greater extent than Lost In Translation, which a lot of people complained about but I didn't really get from it. The filming managed to make the scenic bits of Australia look pretty boring, bits of it just didn't really make sense, and the female protagonist, whilst supposed to be partner in a company with a bloke, was treated by him as though she were a dumb 17 year old. Avoid.