June 26th, 2004

Coming over a bit 'James Burke'

On the website of the late 'father of ASCII' Bob Bemer there is a page where he details his working (loosely) with Tim Berners-Lee's father on a method for compressing text transmission using a dictionary. The fact that the 'father of ASCII' worked with the father of 'the father of the web' (both in quotes as these things can always be argued with) is, to me, almost as good as the fact that the inventer of object orientation was the leader of the successful 'no' campaign on the Norwegian's referendum on joining the E.U.
There is probably a book to be written knitting this all together.

And if you are amused by n-degrees of separation stuff, a friend of mine was a friend of Kristen Nygaard (and went to Norway for his funeral), and e_pepys worked with Tim Berners-Lee I believe, giving us Nygaard - Ian - me - e_pepys - Berners-Lee, taking us from 'the father of object orientation' to the 'father of the web' in 4 steps (can probably be done in 1 or 2 I would have thought, but it's a start.