June 11th, 2004

Will the honourable member take his RSS feed and ...

I can see that a new bane of my life is going to be syndicated RSS feeds of MPs entries in Hansard via They work for you turning up in my friendsfriends and the friends of random people whilst I am navigating round LJ.
I put this in the same category as genealogy sites turning up as the results of Google searches. I did once suggest to Google that they use a heuristic to guess if sites are genealogy ones or blogs and put 'exclude blogs' and 'exclude genealogy' check boxes in their advanced search options.

OK, you say, serves you right for looking at friendsfriends or navigating round LJ, and you are probably right.

Where's the rest of me?

I see that TCM are marking Ronnie's funeral by showing King's Row as we speak (although we no longer get TCM free during the day). As you all doubtless know, his autobiography's title 'where's the rest of me' comes from a line he speaks in this film when he finds his legs have been amputated.