May 25th, 2004

I am full of phlegm

Those who saw me last week probably saw that I was somewhat phelgm-laden. I still am. I blame the management consultants that I met a week ago on Saturday in a reunion from my previous job. They tend to work long hours and not eat very well, therefore leaving themselves open to all manner of infections. Obviously as a computer programmer who has never worked an 80 hour week in his life, I am made of sterner stuff, but still couldn't fight the massed onslaught of their diseases.
If it it not significantly better in a day or two I will go to the doctor and use the secret 'give me some antibiotics even though it may be a virus and it may get better of its own accord' keyword.

Meanwhile, the Trans Global Underground CD has arrived. I haven't listened all the way through yet, mainly due to having played the track played on the radio about 6 times so far. It really is excellent. However, the rest of the album that I have listened to leans towards the 'context free mish-mash of world music with a dance beat' that I find rather irritating. I may grow to love it, but I am not surprised that this is the general thrust of it. I think the fact that their best of album is called 'backpacking on the graves of our ancestors' suggests they have a degree of self-knowledge about this.
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