May 10th, 2004

Yes, imagine

The box of my new Bluetooth adaptor for my PC says, inter alia, "Imagine having your computer, PDA, cell phone and printer all communicating wirelessly!".
If you ever saw the MTV cartoon Daria (shown here on Channel 5 and MTV) it helps if you imagine this all said in Daria's voice. Yes, imagine...

In deference to mr_snips and myself I shall say no more, even behind a cut, except that
a) it works (relatively painlessly)
b) it did strike me that a wire plugged between the phone and the computer would be a lot less hassle.

Obviously once again I am failing to get 'with the program' - oldthinkers unbellyfeel Ingsoc again.

In fact, I think I will make that my journal title.

To Australia and back

I have ordered the legendary Oxford novel, The Alchemist by Margaret Doody via Abebooks. Bizarrely there were two copies on Abebooks and the cheapest, even including air-mail
was in Australia. This is the third time that a book has been cheapest or only available in Australia.
I did read the novel once, there was a copy in Banbury library when we briefly lived there. The plot does rather unravel towards the end, but I wanted to read it It is Like many first novels and from the blurb it was possible to deduce that it was semi-autobiographical and therefore it seems likely that the American graduate student the first person narrator or protagonist (I forget which) gets attached to at the end is the author's husband.... ahh.