May 5th, 2004

She's got a touch of Tuesday Weld

The debut album from which they play two tracks back to back at 9 a.m. on the 6 Music breakfast show today was The Nightfly by Donald Fagan. Having played this CD and specifically the first track, which I have put onto numerous complication CDs, hundreds of times, hearing it on the radio seemed distinctly weird and not the natural order of things at all. I think it was a daring choice too - it is quite AOR (or MOR if you are being less polite) even for 6 Music.

I got a reply from Phill's producer (and sidekick) Phil telling me that the track I asked about in an email is from the new Transglobal Underground album. I thought it sounded like Half-Man Half-Biscuit doing a dance track, which would have been no bad thing it it were, though rather surprising.

Maria thinks they may have read out my email, but she was half asleep at the time and I was making the coffee.

Yes, even in these exciting days of numerous channels etc. etc. I still get a kick from having things read out on the radio. I am unashamedly A Sad Person.
'Oldthinkers Unbellyfeel Ingsoc' in the words of Winston Smith.

['1984' is about as far back as my stock of literary quotations goes, usually it's Simpsons or Futurama quotes, or Donald Fagan lyrics]