May 4th, 2004

* bounce * - as the popular vernacular in these parts has it, I believe

'The Killers' (website here) are playing the Zodiac on the 6th June.

Their two singles have been the best things this year by a mile, although there has been a Transglobal Underground track that Phill Jupitus has played a couple of times which has inspired me to decide to buy the album, though there is a slight roadblock in that the band's website only takes cheques and my chequebook has healed up through lack of use.

Ah, I remember now, looking at the website. They come from my favourite city in tghe world after Oxford (Las Vegas).

Killer gossip anecdote du jour

From a mysterious rodent - I paraphrase slightly.

"Someone said something about someone, but I can't remember who said it or what they said, and I think it was about so-and-so but I'm not sure why I thought that."

Of such stories is a blog made. Maybe I should have made this incriminating story friends only :-)