April 26th, 2004

We have a new euphemism

Quote from an email started by me and finished by someone other than me "John is "working on his novel" i.e. dozing, "

Have done well with my pseudo-resolution to be less anti-social this decade in that we saw people on two out of three days this weekend - I went for a test-drive of a Yaris on Saturday in Winchester, then we had lunch and a wander round Winchester with our boss (It seems strange to think of him as a 'boss', let alone 'our boss', but he is. In the words of t__m__i he is more 'the manager as facilitator' :-) ).
Then on Sunday cloudhigh came round and, inter alia, explained some of the UI of my exciting new phone, though I can see figuring it out in its entirety is going to be a long term project.

I also went into beautiful East Oxford first thing - well, first thing for me - on Saturday morning to get some stuff from Uhuru. The stuff we actually needed, as opposed to the other weird and wonderful stuff, was soya lecithin powder and yeast flakes for the dogs. I bought some new 'fake cheese' which was monumentally disgusting, but refreshingly addictive, so I polished it off in no time flat and will soon be hanging around on street corners giving hand-jobs for cash in order to feed my 'monumentally disgusting fake cheese' habit.
East Oxford was looking particularly attractive, and I almost had a twinge of thinking 'I would quite like to live here', though this was far more 'in some strange parallel existence I would quite like to have ended up living here' rather than 'I would like to live here enough to go through the hassle of leaving our lovely detached house in suburbia'.