April 8th, 2004


We are going to Beirut on holiday to sightsee and eat , one of my colleagues is going to Washington D.C. to a son's wedding and another one is going skiing in Canada. I think we have opted for the safest location and pastime of the 3.

Jerry Lewis Goes To Death Camp

Some stories need to be churned up to the top of the vortex (vorttext?) that is the interweb from time to time. Therefore, penguins, I bring you the Spy article on the Jerry Lewis film 'The Day The Clown Cried'. To quote from the article: An unhappy German circus clown is sent to a concentration camp and forced to become a
sort of genocidal Pied-Piper, entertaining Jewish children as he leads them to the gas chambers.

The film did not 'work' to put it mildly, and has never been released - in fact a finished edit was never done.

Read and marvel.