March 23rd, 2004

Tempting fate

I shouldn't have said 'I never get colds' (nasty chesty aftermaths of colds, yes, the actual colds, no). Now I have a slight sniffle and a tickle in the throat.
Still better a tickle in the throat than TCL on the PC, I always say.

And there's a Tru Calling trailer on Sky One, which is enough to many anyone feel ill. I hope she got danger money for the damage done by all that running around with inadequate support. I remember a Charlie Brooker spoof on the lines of an evening of television focus grouped by a bunch of testosterone crazed teenage boys. On the list would have to be 'Eliza Dushku has to run around a lot to save people whilst wearing a low top and not much in the way of a bra'.

Now I need my mental floss...

Books I would write if I weren't idle and could write

1. Icing The Body Electric. My take on the 'how SF has been a major influence on contemporary society' theme. Sadly the title 'The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Off' has been taken by Thomas Disch for what I felt was a rather dull and unfocussed book that fell into the usual trap of going on too much about the pre-Gernsback forerunners of SF

2. Office Politics For Dummies. Self explanatory, but as you can imagine I have many examples of 'how not to do it' - obviously not sending e-mails to the wrong people by mistake is going to be a major section

3. The Synaesthesia Cookbook. Recipes by people who perceive taste as sound / sight / touch, in which I will explain why vinegar is the B flat below middle C, soy sauce is Middle C etc.

4. The Lee Harvey Oswald Software Development Method. Extreme Programming taken to new lengths. None of that 'pair programming' here.

5. The inevitable first novel. A mess of all my half formed ideas, featuring , nanotechnology, talking cows, polyamory, a TV presenter strangely like cloudhigh, cryonics, strange government think tanks as different as lawyers can make them from where I work, dead scientists and more.