February 26th, 2004

'censored parental insect'

.. was the title of a spam I received this morning. It sounds like it could be the title of a Belle and Sebastian (or 'Thin Whimsey' as I have taken to calling them due to the similarity of bits of their current single to 'The Boys Are Back In Town', and also the thinness of their whimsey) EP.

Free books

The following fine books are available free if anyone wants them. I have linked to the Amazon page by the ISBN where there is a page. If you are someone I don't see often (or possibly have never met) then I suggest Messrs E-Pepys or Snips could be corralled as unwilling drop off points for them or, failing that, if you are in Oxford I could drop them round. If you think anyone else would be interested feel free to pass the list on. Failing this they will be dumped on some unsuspecting charity shop.
The computer books are mostly lacking CDs if they ever had them.
I will put the books themselves behind a cut...

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