February 7th, 2004

MG Rover chiefs' £31m bonanza

From The Grauniad
"The four men who saved MG Rover and the chief executive they brought in to rescue the stricken car company have made £31m out of the business they bought for £10.
"Their combined salaries and benefits plus the rewards of a complex series of financial transactions mean the five have profited handsomely, even though one of Britain's most famous brand names is haemorrhaging losses and experiencing a dramatic slump in sales. "

I have had the misfortune to work for some manner of these scum (a company that started off as the IT and OR (Operational Research, the bit that I was in) groups of BL as it was then) and I am not surprised by this. Indeed I would be surprised if they hadn't.

Rolling News News

In 'rolling news' news, EuroNews has changed the weather forecast they show coming up to the hour and half hour. The previous version had a recording of 'voice over man' saying things like 'now across to scandinavia with the latest weather data', 'and in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, here's how things are shaping up'. There were subtle variations based on the time and day, and on the RupertBox one could switch over to other languages and hear Voz-Sobre Hombre, Voz-Sobre O Homem etc. saying the same thing (those are Google translations and probably wrong).
Now they have compressed it from 3 minutes to about 2, cut out most of the voice over, and changed the music from something up-tempo with some mysterious background noises sounding like whinnying electronic horses, to a noodling saxophone.
I find these things very disturbing, I still haven't recovered from the News 24 revamp.