November 10th, 2003

Dome Sweet Dome

Well, if weblogs are for nothing else (and it is rumoured to be the case) they are for the discussion of strange dreams, so in the last couple of days I have had two dreams that I remember:

One involved someone, I think they were a friend but weren't a real person, living in a geodesic dome in a wood in the grounds of a manor house of some description. I have duly read large numbers of websites about geodesic domes and on the 'I've suffered for my art, now it's your turn' principle I will be working this into my novel.

The other dream is a bit vague but I remember a meeting involving a mixture of real people, characters from Pattern Recognition and possibly characters from the modern segment of Cryptonomicon.

Sadly, I have just discovered that a novel, by John Fortune and John Wells no less, already exists with the title I had in mind - 'A Melon For Ecstasy'. Now fancy that. I have of course ordered a copy via