October 28th, 2003


Now I can get the World Service in my car, I am experiencing a long forgotten phenomonon from my youth - that of the dislocation caused by the clocks going forward or back but the World Service remaining on GMT.
I have to say that given the programmes thus far this week, the old schedule has seemed slightly preferable. On the way to work yesterday I had 'the future of Latin Jazz' and on the way home today something about the Ugandan National Theatre - both of which were a bit much to cope with.

Meanwhile, the second hand bookshop in the Covered Market has closed. Judging by an article in one of the local papers, the chap who had been there for as long as I have been in or coming to or near Oxford hadn't been there long when I 'came up' in 1982. It is slightly sad but I can't say that I thought it was a particularly good bookshop. I miss the remainder bookshop in Gloucester Green far more - they had a fine selection of books, it was where I bought my first Christopher Brookmyre and my first Tony Hillerman.

In work news I have decided to bite the bullet and attack some code that has been on the death list for years. For a number of years CBlah::DoX has called CBlah::LegacyDoX and a CBlah::NewImprovedDoX method has sat empty waiting for the functionality to be duplicated. The latest required change would definitely be an enhancement too far (see back, camel, straw). In fact I have changed the interfaces too including such delights as changing MFC collections to STL ones, so NewImprovedDoX has been cast into oblivion without ever being called. What an exciting life I lead... in fact I am making a rare visit out of the office tomorrow so I shall have to put on my best party frock. I am not particularly clear what the customer wants to talk about. If their questions about our software's interaction with SQL Server are too subtle then they could be sadly disappointed.
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