May 13th, 2003

Paranoia and technology (not particularly related in this instance)

I had a rather disturbing outbreak of paranoia on Sunday in Borders, and decided against buying a copy of 2600 (amongst other things) with my debit card. Hmm, I thought, buying 2600 from an American store with a debit card. So I paid cash, briefly thinking that the note came directly from an ATM and that I should have used a note I had been given in change.

Obviously writing about this in LiveJournal will only hasten the arrival of the thought police.

I also made the mistake of buying a 3rd DAB radio in the fond hope of being able to use it in the car.
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We have also decided to get Rupert-O-Vision, paying 120 pounds for the option where we get a dish and box without subscribing to any channels. There is a fairly decent set of free channels, some of which require a free card that you can phone up and ask for. We will then get rid of the increasingly channel challenged NTL analogue cable TV.

Of course, you have to let the Rupeobox phone up the mother-ship, but I cannot get too bothered about this.

This means I won't be able to use the DVB-T card I bought for my PC, but I think a decent roof aerial and the installation thereof would probably cost about the same, and give us less channels.

Oh what an exciting life we lead.

Outrage book of the month club

Instead of "Mr. Bunny's Big Cup O' Java" by Carlton Egremont III, the only funny book about Java (the language), Amazon have sent me High and Mighty: SUVs - the World's Most Dangerous Vehicles and How They Got That Way. It looks quite a fine book, I thought for a while that I had got onto the mailing list of the outrage book of the month club, based on previous purchases such as 'Married To The Mouse', a very comprehensive book about Disney's relationship with Florida.

Anyway, despite its appeal I have sent it back and asked for the Java book.