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Local man killed in nuclear holocaust

Longish drive today... far too much Five Live. A very long time before they pointed out that bank and building society accounts are guaranteed if the bank / BS goes bust to the tune of the first 2K then 90% of the next 33K. Back when the limit was 30K, my Dad, having sold his house to move into a sheltered flat, carefully put 30K in a few accounts to avoid being over this limit.

Not as bad as Radio Oxford yesterday where someone from the Divinity Road Residents Association was whinging about gasp horror students parking cars. Someone had the serious suggestion that only full council tax payers should be allowed to park. Perhaps the students should be made to wear some suitable symbol on their arms for easier identification. One of the things that makes Oxford an exciting vibrant place is, duh, the students, if they don't want students around then they should fuck off to somewhere without any. Miserable gits. I almost pulled over to phone up Bill Heine :-)

Obviously, I prefer living in the 'burbs rather than somewhere exciting and vibrant. Garage, off-road parking, lower house insurance, car insurance, council tax...

Meanwhile, I am pleased to see that the '[bleeping out fucks' policy on 1 Xtra seems very lax these days. 1 Xtra is an ornament to the BBC and, by extension, the country.

[Please note the ground rules are that if you are a member of the Divinity Road Residents Association, come across this page and want to complain that you are not a miserable git, do not bother posting a comment, it won't appear or be commented on - I am not of the philosophical persuasion that I have to engage with people I slag off]

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