Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

The Late Dr. Aastral - his magazine of space hospital romances

Q How many issues of ISF of my subscription that have arrived thus far? A: 3
Q Number I managed to bring myself to read every story? A: 1 (first)
Q Number of issue at which my heart first sank at its arrival? A: 3 (current)
Q Name on front of magazine which pushed me over the brink? A: Nancy Bloody Sodding Sodding Bloody Kress
Q Is she really that bad? A: Yes
Q Would you care to quote from her story in the current issue?A: By all means:

"We did this! You and me! our sin made God burn the trees!"
"No! Hope-"
"Yes! We did this, just like the people before the Crash!"
We will never forget
I reach for her, for the books, for everything I've lost or am about to lose. But Hope is already gone.

Q Are you being snarky and choosing a deliberately bad part? A: Sadly not
Q Number of the issues that have arrived so far that have had stories by Ms Kress? A: 2
Q By how many is that too many? A: 2, obviously
Q Was the other one as bad? A: No, but it was banal and pointless and showed obvious signs of 'pick an obscureish culture from Earth, do some research, then bludgeon the readers to death with the research as in 'I've suffered for my art, now it's your turn'.

Q Do you understand why anyone (apart from misguided and frankly stupid weasels buoyed up by reading about the past glories of short SF) would buy this magazine other than to get to know its style of stories so that they could submit ones themselves? A: Frankly, no.

Q So what are you going to do with the remaining 9 issues? A: Dunno, suggestions?

Q Are you a moaning git? A: possibly.

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