Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

To be is to perceive

In honour of Mr. Dog's return from The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge (presumably so named because of its specialism in 9 foot shape-shifting lizards - Prince Philip has to be sent somewhere) I am working from home. My work PC is (a) building our fine software (b) running another program loading data laboriously into a SQL Server Express 2005 server which is (c) running on a virtual machine under VMWare.
I am getting the presumably entirely false feeling that the PC is coping far better with this than it would were I actually sitting at it. Surely I am just imagining this because I am in a more relaxed environment and can't hear the disk churn? Or is there some bizarre reason I can't think of?

(fun LJ spell check suggestions - VMWare = Vampire, Firmware, Wetware, Vapourware...

you can imagine children of geeks or sinister children in a tea-time SF / fantasy series using that as a skipping rhyme 'Vampire, Firmware, Wetware, Vapourware, Vampire, Firmware, Wetware, Vapourware')

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