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Yesterday afternoon I remembered I had been sent an email on Friday giving my password to the BBC Archive trial.
There are currently 372 programmes available, which the website points out is not many. By the end of the trial they say there will be 1000. You can look at the catalogue of programmes and nominate ones, so of course I have nominated Man Dog, episodes of 4th Dimension and various things with Stafford Beer in!
Watched so far:

First episode of On The Move. Conclusion: a fine programme from the days when there was such a thing as society. As I have said before, I think this should be brought back - On The Move: TNG. A homage to Bob Hoskins (one of the 2 van drivers) should be slotted into the first episode. What happened to Uncle Bert (or whatever he was called)? Oh, he went to LA and starting telling us about talking rabbits.

An evening of continuity announcements from some time in the late 60s. Conclusion: The promos were as annoying and numerous as they are now. If not more so. The characters in new series address the camera and give little speeches about who they are. Take 3 Girls, the 'This Life' of its day :-) described as '12 plays'. Lisa Goddard described as Eliza Goddard.

A 1958 documentary on computers. Conclusion: the laborious description of 'how computers work' by medium of the presenter being talking through moving numbers between 'registers' and a wheel containing instructions was exactly the same as ones I remember from the late 70s. Obviously this took 30 or so years to seep into public consciousness from the introduction of the stored program computer. No mention of Ferranti by name even though the commercial sale of the machines was mentioned. Mention of the holy grail for the British economy from post war until we decided that our business model would be creaming off a percentage of the world's financial transactions 'export'. 1958 was clearly before the 'transatlantic cringe' - no mention of the USian computer industry and the state of ours in relation to it.

First episode of EastEnders until I got bored with it. Conclusion: Interesting primarily from the point of view of how the viewer is introduced to the characters etc. Nicely done and less wordy than RTD's infodumps about Gallifrey etc.

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