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More books

I have just finished reading Back in the USSA by Kim Newman and Eugene Byrne, a set of stories set in an alternative history where the USA has a communist revolution and Russia doesn't. On the whole it is a bit 'meh', for a variety of reasons. It does, however, have one story in it which is more than worth the price of admission. It is the sort of story, however, that any spoiler would spoil because of the impact it has coming as a surprise after a number of rather uninspired stories. I realise that this description is unlikely to inspire any of you to read it so I shall give you a one sentence description... it is called Teddy Bears' Picnic and is set in an alternate Vietnam War where the UK is playing the role that the US plays in real life. It would also make a fine film, but sadly not one that could realistically be made within the current techno-economic paradigm.

Talking of techno-economic paradigms, I bring you Daddy Long-Legs, the railway which went from Brighton to Rottingdean about 100 yards out to sea
http://www.urban75.org/railway/brighton-sea-railway.html Somehow steam-punk can never quite measure up to the true weirdness of the Victorians.

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