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Some times you have to admire someone's industry, eye for detail and imagination and yet ask 'why?'. In this case this is a faithful reproduction of the tedium of the 'amusing' local colo(u)r column in every American daily paper that I have ever seen. I think it is supposed to be affectionate and whimsical rather than a redutcio ad absurdum and/or searing indictment.
Being a weasel of moderate credulity, it took a while for me to spot that the difficulty of finding which city it was about was because it was a spoof, rather than because I had, as it were, come in at the middle and that if only I followed the links it would become obvious where it was.
In coincidence news, the first link led me to Ben Katchor http://www.katchor.com/ - the main thing on his website being a link to 'Bang On A Can' who I mentioned earlier. They are actually playing in Birmingham on Saturday, which is no doubt the closest they will be for a long time. If only I could be bothered...

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