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Free books

The following fine books are available free if anyone wants them. I have linked to the Amazon page by the ISBN where there is a page. If you are someone I don't see often (or possibly have never met) then I suggest Messrs E-Pepys or Snips could be corralled as unwilling drop off points for them or, failing that, if you are in Oxford I could drop them round. If you think anyone else would be interested feel free to pass the list on. Failing this they will be dumped on some unsuspecting charity shop.
The computer books are mostly lacking CDs if they ever had them.
I will put the books themselves behind a cut...

Links are to amazon.co.uk using, URLs cunningly formed by adding the ISBN copied from the book to the appropriate stem, in case you want to see what Amazon says about the book.

Obviously they are being got rid of because I didn't think much of them, however YMMV
Jennifer Government, Max Barry(now, this really was offensively crap)
The Business, Iain Banks(his worst non-SF, I would say, I haven't read all or indeed most of the SF so can't comment on them)
The 5th Weford Omnibus, Ruth Rendell</a>(book club edition, no ISBN)
Quicksilver, Neal Stephenson(when he was good he was very very good, but quite often he was tedious, plot challenged, long-winded and reactionary)
Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About, Mil Millington If you hated the Guardian column you'll hate this, if you liked the Guardian column you might well hate this anyway
The First $20 million is always the hardest, P O Bronson Proof that Wired writers should stick to what they're good at. Whatever that may be, certainly not writing fiction. The first reader review on Amazon appears to be about a completely different book
Greg Egan, Teranesia(yawn)
Barney Thomson & The Face Of Death, Douglas Lindsey(I, for one, will never believe an Amazon recommendation again, you can look at Amazon and see my user review of it!)

Non Fiction, Non Computer
I can't see anyone wanting this but just in case.
Liberation Management, Tom Peters

This, I thought was a book for which the phrase pretentious twaddle could have been invented, again YMMV
Words And Music, Paul Morley

Clearly in this exciting fast moving world we live in (ha ha) some may be somewhat out of date, though I haven't included the insanely obsolete.

Frontier, The Definitive Guide
Web Client Programming With Perl
Palm Programming
TCL/TK In A Nutshell
Google Hacks

APL, a problem oriented introduction
Teach Yourself TCL/TK - So as to not completely undermine my credibility I should point out that the reason I have this book is that at one point I was considering TCL as the scripting language in the fine software I work on, and I bought this book to see if it would be suitable as a text for our users. I decided that TCL is too much of an abomination to inflict on our users.
Relational Models Of The Lexicon, ed Evens (not on Amazon, very obscure and specialised)
Natural Language Computing, Dougherty
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